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Capture The Flag

New! 03/03: Official Quake 2 CTF 1.02 upgrade is available. Download it from the Absolute Quake Files Archive.

You've heard about it. You've seen "progs/star.mdl Not Found" message over and over. Your friends said that they can't play Quake without the grappling hook. So what's going on?

Simply to say - Capture The Flag (or simply CTF) is the most successful implementation of teamplay there is. The reason for this (aside from the brilliant additions) is that while CTF is a teamplay mode, there is a great element of deathmatch present. And there is nothing more popular than deathmatch out there.

Latest version of CTF (3.0 and later) requires you to download a file and install in in Quake's directory in order to see all the new graphics and new levels. Go to this download page and start downloading both client packs (version 3.1 and 4.0) for CTF, then come back to this page and finish reading because it can take quite awhile to get those files.

Here are all the new things added in CTF:

  • New teamplay mode - there are 2 teams (generally Blue and Red), each has a base located somewhere on the map. Each team has a flag - located at team's own base. The objective of the game is to go out, get enemy's flag, bring it back to your base and touch your own flag. This is considered a successful 'capture' and all teammates are awarded points. Obviously, opposing team (and your own one) will try to defend their base and flag, and try to steal yours.
  • Runes - there are 4 runes in the game. You don't have to do anything to activate rune's magical powers - just pick it up. You can only carry one rune at a time, and can not drop it - once you picked one up, you will have it until you die.
    • Earth Magic (Resistance) - carrier of this rune receives half the damage.
    • Black Magic (Strength) - carrier gives double the damage with all weapons.
    • Hell Magic (Haste) - makes some of the weapon (shotguns and launchers) fire with double the speed.
    • Elder Magic (Regeneration) - slowly heals the carrier by increasing his health.
  • Grappling Hook - This is one of the most important things in CTF. Grappling hook lets you hook to the walls giving you alot of freedom in your movements. LEARN HOW TO USE IT. To activate it, you can either press 1 twice (1 is the key assigned for the Axe weapon) or bind any key to IMPULSE 22 (type bind A "impulse 22" in the Quake console). You can hook to walls and hang there shooting everybody - great defense position. Switch to grapple hook, press fire and hold it until you get hooked to the wall. Without releasing the fire button, switch to another weapon. Another great use of the hook is to simply say kill people. Just as you would hook to the wall, try to hook to your opponent. You will start decreasing his/her health count. Try shooting to speed up the process.
  • There are some other minor enhancements, mostly targeted at server operators.

Here's the list of additional IMPULSE commands available in CTF. You should bind most or all of them to some key - use a command similar to the one shown above:

  • IMPULSE 20 - Drop your current weapon's ammo. Use this to bring ammo boxes back to your base's defenders.
  • IMPULSE 21 - Drop your current weapon. Probaby the same use.
  • IMPULSE 22 - Switch to the grappling hook.
  • IMPULSE 23 - Display status of flags - whether flags are their bases or someone is carrying them.
  • IMPULSE 25 - Display settings for the current server - this is how you can find out which functions work on the current server.

Installation Instructions: after you have downloaded both client packs for CTF, create a subdirectory CTF in your Quake directory (c:\games\quake\ctf or similar) and unzip both files to that directory. You will also need to add -game ctf parameter to the shortcut or program you are using to launch Quake. After that you are all set - just connect to any of the CTF servers out there. You can identify a server running Cap ture The Flag by usual "CTF" in it's name - go to Server Search page and search for "CTF" - you'll find dozens of Capture servers, or simply try QUAKE.GAMEAHOLIC.COM (type connect in Quake's console) to connect to Quake Domain's CTF server.

Additional CTF resources:

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