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Chasm - The Rift

New! 03/05: New demo and patch available to add TCP/IP support. Download it from here.

Mankind, in the process of development is facing this inexplicable phenomenon - the destruction of normal sequence of time from the past to the future. Time channels are forming in the earth's atmosphere, and these channels are leading to different periods of social development. Through these channels the most aggressive creatures start to penetrate from both the past and present, and into the future. You, are the soldier of the special commando unit with the mission to locate, pin-point and finally destroy the time channels and eliminate all alien life forms. While migrating along time channels, all living creatures are undergoing irreversible mutations that are making them wild and aggressive. The game features 14 intriguing and interconnected missions. Each mission begins with the unit commander briefing at which the team leader is setting the target, mission and the goal of this military assignment.

  • 3-D polygon texture-mapped vector models
  • Pre-rendered shadow mapping
  • Atmospheric effects (snow, rain, etc.)
  • 4 episodes, 4 levels each
  • Separation of monster parts (hands, head, etc.)
  • Breakable lights, windows, bullet holes
  • Great level interaction

Chasm requires only a 486-100Mhz computer and 16MB of RAM. It supports low- and hi-resolution video modes, multiplayer games over Modem, LAN or Internet (TCP/IP).

Chasm downloads:

  • Download [5679 kb] - Chasm DEMO - includes TCP/IP networking.
  • Download [4052 kb] - update for RETAIL version of Chasm, adds TCP/IP, modem support, and 3 new levels with new monsters.
  • Download [4049 kb] - update for GERMAN version of Chasm.
  • Download [986 kb] - Level 27 addon.
  • Download [1216 kb] - Chasm Windows Desktop theme.

Chasm console commands (Console can be accessed by pressing [Backspace]):

  • NEW - start new game
  • RESTART - restart current level
  • QUIT - quit to DOS
  • CHOJIN - immortal mode
  • AMMO - restore ammo for all weapons
  • WEAPON - gives all weapons to player
  • INVISIBLE - gives 2 minutes of invisibility
  • ARMOR - gives 200% of armor
  • FULLMAP - allows you to see full map of the current level
  • KILL - kill all monsters on the level
  • REANIMATE - (debug) reanimate all monsters
  • RESPAWN <#time> - set the monsters respawn time in seconds (#time=0 means no respawn)
  • REVERSE - swap right and left sound channels
  • DEPTH - enable/disable distant fade
  • SHADOWS <number> - set the upper limit of shadows casting by 3D object
  • GO <#level> - warp to specified level

Here are some Chasm screenshots (click to view full-size picture):

Chasm Screenshot Chasm Screenshot Chasm Screenshot
Chasm Screenshot Chasm Screenshot Chasm Screenshot
Chasm Screenshot Chasm Screenshot Chasm Screenshot

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