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Gameaholic dot Com maintains a database of multiplayer gaming servers. This database is updated about every 20 minutes to give you the latest list of currently active servers. Many applications use our database as a source of servers, and now it is accessible through the web browser.

The following game titles are currently listed:

We advise gamers to upgrade to the latest version of every game. Most of servers listed here upgrade their software to the latest version as soon as it is released, and most of the time newer versions are not compatible with older ones. Our Absolute Gamer's Files Archive contains patches and upgrade for all of these games, as well as hundreds of other addons.

Please note that we do not maintain any of these servers - we simply keep track of existing servers and display current status information. Please address all suggestions and complaints about individual servers to their administrators.

If you are a server administrator and would like to list or remove your servers in our database, feel free to use our submission form.

If you are writing an application that will use our server list as a source please contact servers at and we'll give you some information on how to retrieve plain-text versions of these lists.

These pages and graphics are Copyright © 1995-2007, Gameaholic.Comô, unless otherwise stated.
Quake is a trademark of id Software, Inc. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.
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