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Active Quake 2 Servers

Servers listed below have been checked to be active within the last 15 minutes. To connect to a particular server, launch the game, use "connect" menu option and enter IP address listed below.

You are encouraged to upgrade to the latest version of your gaming software - most of these servers are running the latest version, and most of the time newer versions are not compatible with older ones. If you are using an outdated version, you most probably will not be able to connect to any servers. If you just installed the game from original CD and never downloaded any upgrades - you should visit our files section and download the latest upgrade.

Use the search engine to find a particular opponent playing on any server, or to narrow down this list by a particular criteria. Click on any IP Address to get current server status along with a list of players.

IP Address Ping Plyrs / Max Level Location Server Name 41 1/32 q2dm5 United States (Texas) El Paso RoadRunner WODX V1.7 41 1/32 ahotel United States (Texas) new cool maps for xatrix 43 2/32 kitsune_waterworks United States (Texas) Whale's Eye - WODX 2.4 6 1/24 wtfctf5a United States (Washington, DC) -=ACME CTF ~ Kick Ass No Tech=- 6 1/32 nxctf4b United States (Washington, DC) -=ACME CTF ~ The Last Resort=- 103 0/12 q2dm1 Lithuania Balticum-Tv Teamplay Public 7 4/13 as2m7 United States (Washington, DC) -=ACME CTF ~ Kick Ass Match=- 6 1/32 marics_ctf20 United States (Washington, DC) -=ACMECTF ~ TMG Railwarz=- 7 1/24 lmctf42 United States (Washington, DC) -=ACMECTF - ACMEMOD RailwarZ!=-

Please note that we do not maintain any of these servers - we simply keep track of existing servers and display current status information. Please address all suggestions and complaints about individual servers to their administrators.

If you would like to list a server in our database or would like to submit a correction to some data please use our submission form.

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