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Quake Screen shot 1 Quake is the latest game from id Software, creators of Doom. Quake is the first game to incorporate real 3 Dimentional graphics in a first-person action shooter (Descent isn't really a 1st person shooter, although it IS an excellent 3D game.
One of the best features of Quake is it's multiplayer capabilities. Using just a 28.8bps modem and an Internet connection, one can engage in up to 16 player game against people around the world. There are hundreds of people playing on many servers, which can be accessed using our Servers section. Quake Screen shot 2
Quake has been designed with expandability in mind, and it includes own programming language - QuakeC. Shortly after the release, many programmers around the world started creating different add-ons for Quake to enhance the game. Many of them, such as Capture The Flag, are so popular that they being constantly played on many Quake servers.
Just like Doom, Quake has the capabilities to use custom-made maps. Just months after release, many maps were created, pushing Quake's 3D engine to the edge. Hundreds of maps can be downloaded for free from the Internet. Quake Screen shot 3
Quake Screen shot 4 Best of all, Quake has been released as shareware, which means you can download and try it out for free. Shareware version includes only 1 episode (out of 4 which are present in full version). Shareware version however, can still be played over the Internet. You can purchase full registered version of Quake from id Software by calling 1-800-IDGAMES or visiting your local software store.

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